Athletic Director - Charles Billington -

Athletic Philosophy

Our philosophy at the middle school level is to immerse students in a variety of safe, yet challenging athletic experiences. The school district offers a full participation program, which means that all students that turn out make the team, and play in all games. Our goals include:

  • Students will develop and improve their skills and knowledge of the particular sport.
  • Students will develop positive connections with other students, and have fun while participating.
  • Students will develop and implement sportsmanship, concepts appropriate to their activity.
  • Students will develop a sense of commitment to the team, by attending all practices and games.

While playing time will be allotted each game, on the varsity level, playing time is dependent on performance.

Click the links below to see the schedules for each sport in each season. Schedules are subject to change.

Sports Forms and Information

Season 1: September 11 - October 27

Cross Country: Boys and Girls

Tennis: Boys Badminton: Girls

Season 3: February 5 - March 30

Wrestling: Boys and Girls Volleyball: 7th & 8th Grade Girls

Season 2: October 30 - December 15

7th & 8th Grade Basketball: Boys

  • Boys Varsity & JV Basketball Schedule
  • Boys Regional Basketball Schedule
Basketball: Girls

Season 4: April 9 - June 1

Track: Boys and Girls

Basketball: 6th Grade Boys Tennis: Girls Volleyball: 6th Grade Girls

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