Staff Directory

School Administration

Dr. Joseph Smith


Ms. Elizabeth Spier
Associate Principal

Mr. Dan Decker
Athletic Director and School Security

Main Office Staff

Ms. Sandi Hill
Office Manager
Assistant to Mr. Smith

Ms. Heidi Davidson
Attendance Secretary
Attendance line: 425-936-2341

Ms. Sandra Stephens
ASB Secretary
Assistant to Ms. Spier

Ms. Tara Eason
Counseling Secretary

Ms. Maddie Lind
Health Room Secretary

Counseling Team

Ms. Kirstin Doughty
Ms. Doughty works with Ms. Lee to support students whose last names begin with the letters R - Z.

Ms. Camila Larson
Ms. Larson supports students whose last names begin with the letters A - K.


Ms. Gail "Lee" Vecchiet
Ms. Lee works with Ms. Doughty to support students whose last names begin with the letters L-Q.

School Specialists

Ms. Katherine Tom
School Psychologist

Mr. Seth Hayden
Speech and Language Pathologist


Ms. Gretchen Stuenkel
Occupational Therapist

Library Staff

Mr. Peter Strong

Ms. Joy Pearson
Library Assistant

Grade 6 Core Content Teaching Teams

Ms. Liz Coleman
Science 6

Ms. Claire Delman
Social Studies 6 


Ms. Darcy Kesterson
English 6

Ms. Ingrid Morais
Social Studies 6

Grade 7 Core Content Teaching Team

Mr. Grant Greenman
English 7

Ms. Kyla Jackson
Social Studies 7

Ms. Teja Christensen
Social Studies 7 & English 7

Grade 8 Core Content Teaching Team

Ms. Sarah Blake
English 8

Ms. Sara-Aubrey Erikson
Math 8 & Algebra

Mr. Marc Clauson
Science 8

Ms. Claire Delman
Social Studies 8

Ms. Tessa Garrels
English 8 & Social Studies 8

Ms. Taylor Holland
Health / Science 8

Ms. Tessa Churchill
Social Studies 8

Ms. Liza Duncan
Social Studies 8

Special Education Teaching Team

Mr.Scott Kielty
Special Education Organization, Social Skills, and Behavior

Ms. Adell Bergum
Special Education English, Organization, and Social Skills

Ms. Katelyn Shaw
Special Education Math, Organization, and Social Skills

Ms. Nova Frank
Special Education Transition Program

Electives Teaching Team

Ms. Sara Collett
Culinary Arts, International Foods, and Grade 6 Q

Ms. Kerri McGibbon
Fitness 6 and Fitness 7/8

Ms. Emily Moseley
French / Safety Net

Ms. Lisa Lynch
Digital Photo, Game Design, Grade 6 Q, and Robotics

Ms. Jenna Schulz
Fitness 7/8 and Health


Mr. Tom Haeck
Fitness 6/7/8, Health

Ms. Amy Wishon
Class Fusing, Grade 6 Q, and Pottery

Mr. Tanner Williams
Fitness 7/8, Health, & Grade 6 Q

Ms. Liza Duncan

Student Success Teaching Team

Mr. Aaron Schilling
Extended Math 6


Mr. Grant Greenman

Ms. Kim Alvarado
Extended Math 7


Mr. Jared Burrow
ELA / English 7

Ms. Sara-Aubrey Erikson
Extended Math 7 - 8


Ms. Amy Wishon
Safety Net English 7

Ms. Kiersten Humble
EL Basic, EL Advanced