Absence From School

Early Dismissal or appointments during school hours:  Please notify the attendance office one hour prior to departure.

Late Arrival:  Notify attendance office in the morning with the reason and expected time of arrival. Upon arrival go to the office for sign-in.

Missing all day:  Notify the school attendance office no later than the morning your child is absent; leave name, date, reason.

Pre-Arranged absences: If your child will be absent three or more consecutive days, please complete a Pre-Arranged Absence Form and submit it to the attendance office.  Note that this form must have all teachers initials/signatures before being turned in.

Pre-Arranged Absence Form (English)      Pre-Arranged Absence Form (Español)

If no excuse is provided with the notification, or no notification is provided the day of absence: the parent/guardian must submit an excuse via phone, email or written note within forty-eight hours of the student’s return to school. Failure to provide a valid excuse within forty-eight hours will result in the absence being marked as unexcused.

How to Notify the Attendance Office:

  • Call (425) 936-2341 
  • Email FinnHillMSAttend@lwsd.org
  • Use Skyward Family Access absent requests online or Skyward Mobile App