Students who are new to Lake Washington School District must determine their neighborhood school. Students must register at their ‘home’ or neighborhood school according to boundaries determined by LWSD.

  • Please verify your neighborhood school on the Lake Washington website here.
  • New student registration is now available online! Click here to register your student.

A copy of our Course Catalog is available online if you would like to read about the classes we offer. 

We look forward to meeting you.

Camila Larson, Counselor 

Kirstin Doughty, Counselor

Gail Lee, Counselor

Tara Eason, Registrar

Registration is Open for Current 5th Graders Moving to 6th Grade...

It's time for 5th grade students to register for the classes they will take next year as 6th graders at the middle school.  Below is a link to a Powerpoint presentation from the Finn Hill Counselors, the 2021-2022 Course Catalog, and a link to a form where you will select your elective preferences for next school year!

Are you a current Finn Hill student?

Registration materials and resources for current students can be found on the Finn Hill Counseling page.