Rules & Regulations 2017-2018


Finn Hill Students Rules & Regulations 2017-2018

“Home of Falcon Pride”

FHMS Rules and Regulations


Welcome to the "Home of the Falcons.” The content of this handbook has been written and arranged to provide information that will answer your questions and assist you in being successful at Finn Hill. In addition to reading and referring to this handbook, please do not hesitate to take advantage of other sources of information in the school. Administrators, staff, and your students are all willing to provide help and information.

At Finn Hill Middle School, the heritage of an important past will be preserved. Finnish settlers who carved out farms in the hills north of Kirkland in the early days found a land of forests and lakes strongly reminiscent of their native Finland. Encouraged by a name rich in historic origin, students of Finn Hill Middle School adopted blue and gold for their school colors. Students selected the falcon as their school mascot in the belief that its characteristics of swiftness, cunning, and ferocity would epitomize the athletic/academic teams of Finn Hill. Each student attending our school will make their own individual contributions to the history of tomorrow for Finn Hill Middle School.

Our goals are to develop respect for self and others, to maintain order and security, to provide a suitable learning environment, and to teach responsible behavior. The definitions and procedures conforming to state laws and regulations and the Lake Washington School District regulations have been developed by Finn Hill Middle School students, staff, parents/guardians, administrators and local police to meet these goals.

Principal Victor Scarpelli

Office Manager Gloria Doss

Associate Principal Dana Greenberg

ASB/AP Secretary Sandra Stephens

Counselors Camila Larson (A – K)

Maren Holzinger – M, W, F (L – Z)

Gail Lee – Tu, W, Th (L – Z)

Counseling Secretary/Registrar Tara Eason

LWSD Resource Center 425-936-1200

Bus Transportation 425-936-1120

Cafeteria - Barb McQuade 425-936-2343

ASB & Athletic Information Sandra Stephens

Attendance/Building Use Rita Snyder

Health Room Secretary Katherine Shaffer

Athletic Director Charles Billington

Custodian Brian Fornia

School Phone Number: 425-936-2340

Attendance Recorder: 425-936-2341

District Office: 425-936-1200

Fax Number: 425-814-2955

Lunch Line: 425-936-2343

School Safety Tip Line: 1-866-LIVE-TIP ext. 156

or 1-866-548-3847

Transportation: 425-936-1120

Finn Hill Middle School appreciates the following students, parents and staff who participated in the review of our planner and discipline policy. Recommendations from them are used to create a positive learning environment for Finn Hill students.

Students: Hannah Curtis and Adam Foster

Parent: Cindy Laukaitis

Staff: Dana Greenberg, Sandra Stephens, Kim Alvarado and Charles Billington

Academic Information

The school year is divided into four quarters. Report cards will be issued approximately a week following the close of each quarter. The purpose of the report card is to inform the student and parents of the progress being made in school. Progress reports will be mailed at mid-quarter for students receiving D and F grades. Parents/Guardians can access our grading program, Parent Access/Skyward, through parent access on the Finn Hill Middle School website: Parent Access/Skyward is found under the For Parents tab in the top right hand side of the site. Parent Access/Skyward is updated a minimum of once every two weeks and parents may access student grades at a time to be determined after the beginning of school has started. You can also contact your student’s teacher to inquire about grades at any time.

Academic grades will be issued on the following basis:

  • A-Superior
  • B-Good
  • C-Average
  • D-Poor
  • F-Failing
  • I-Incomplete
  • P-Pass
  • W-Withdraw

Points will be given for grades in the following manner:

90-100 A77-79C+67-69D+59-0F



80-82B-There are no A+, A-, or D- grades given.


Our attendance phone number is 425-936-2341. Please remember attendance is critical to the success of every student.

Excused absences: Illness and other parent or administrator excused reasons are the only justifiable excuses for not coming to school (including but not limited to family emergencies, medical appointments, pre-arranged absences, religious holidays, school-related field-trips, and suspensions). A doctor’s note may be required if illness-related absences become excessive (if your student misses more than 10 days of the semester).

Please note that students who wish to participate in any school activity or event (e.g. athletic games, dances, field trips, etc.…) must be in attendance at least three consecutive class periods prior to the event.

Unexcused absence: An unexcused absence is considered a truancy and will result in a consequence at school.

Tardy: A student who arrives to class and is not in their assigned seat after the bell rings is considered tardy and will receive a lunch detention from that teacher (if the student has a parent/guardian excuse for the tardy they should stop by the office and obtain an admittance slip for class – then they will not receive a lunch detention).

Truant: A student who is more than 10 minutes late to school is considered truant (unless they have a parent/guardian excuse). The student will not be admitted to class unless they have an admittance slip from the office. If the truancy is not excused by the parent/guardian there will be an after-school consequence. A student that is frequently truant may be referred to our district Attendance Specialist.

Pre-Arranged Absence

Students who know they will be missing school for two or more days in advance should get a Pre-Arranged Absence form from the main office prior to the dates they will be out of school. The Attendance Secretary in the main office and the student’s teachers should be made aware of these types of absences in advance. Absence from school or class without the knowledge and consent of either parents or the school authorities is considered truancy.

Excessive or Unexcused Absences – BECCA Bill

Regular attendance is both an expectation and a critical component of school success. According to Washington State Law, excused absences include the following: illness, medical appointments, family emergency, religious

holiday, school-related field trips, suspensions, or other pre-arranged absence and are the only excuses for absence

from school without prior permission. Permission can be obtained by presenting a written request to the office prior to any planned absence. When students are absent, parents/guardians must contact the school to excuse the absence. Any absence that is not excused by the parent/guardian or school will remain unexcused. Examples could include: oversleeping, missed bus, traffic, homework, shopping, babysitting, trips not pre-arranged through the office, or other absences that could be planned outside the school day.

According to Washington State law (RCW 28A.225.020; 28A.225.031), if your student has unexcused absences the following events will occur:

  • After the first unexcused absence: the school will notify the parent/guardian notice of the student’s unexcused absence
  • After two unexcused absences within the same month: the school will schedule a conference with the parent/guardian and student to discuss ways to eliminate or reduce the student’s absences and implement those strategies
  • No later than the seventh unexcused absence in a month or tenth unexcused absence in the school year: the school district will file a petition for a civil action with the juvenile court.

Excessive absences: If a student exceeds 10 total absences (excused and/or unexcused) in a semester, the school may require documentation to verify the excessive absences as well as any additional absences for the remainder of the year. Such documentation may require a doctor’s notes.


Your counselors, Camila Larson, Gail Lee and Maren Holzinger, regularly work with students on a variety of academic, personal, and social issues at Finn Hill Middle School. We encourage you to stop by and say hello anytime. Our goal is to help you reach success in all areas so don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek guidance if this would be helpful. Please see below some of the services that our counselors provide:

  • Review academic concerns and identify solutions
  • Counsel on bullying/harassment issues
  • Explore family communication concerns
  • Counsel on friendship issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Small group guidance
  • Scheduling assistance

Please call the main office at 425-936-2340 to speak with or make an appointment with Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Lee or Mrs. Holzinger. The counselor breakdown is as follows: Students whose last name begins with A – K are with Mrs. Larson and students whose name begins with L – Z are with Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Holzinger.


The school provides a health room in the counseling office for emergencies and illness only. Parents/guardians will be notified if a student becomes ill or is injured while at school. Students should report immediately any serious emergency, injury, or illness to any staff member. When a student does not feel well they should always come to the health room to make calls to the parent. Any student that does not follow this rule and uses their cell phone will receive the consequences for cell phones as stated in our discipline section. Students with a temperature or flu- like symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhea, should not attend school. Students should not return to school until they have been free of symptoms for 24 hours

NOTE: We do not have a nurse at the school every day. The nurse’s timeframe will not be determined until after the start of school. All medication (prescription or over-the-counter drugs) must be checked in by a parent/guardian and left in the counseling office accompanied by the Lake Washington School District medication form (available in the counseling office). Any prescriptions or over-the-counter medications (this includes, Tylenol, Advil, Midol, cough drops, etc.) require the district medication form to be completed and signed by both the parent/guardian and the attending physician. Any parent who wishes to have medications given to their student at school must follow district procedures which may require meeting with the building administrator, district health official and counselor for approval. Water bottles are allowed. *All Medications must be in their original containers. District policy states that medication is to be dispensed between 11am – 1 pm.*

Homework Policy

  • Teachers will communicate homework expectations and grading system at the beginning of each class.
  • Students will maintain their Laptop and binder and carry them to and from school.
  • Satisfactory completion of homework is the student's responsibility.
  • Teachers may assign homework over the weekend.
  • Following an excused absence students have two (2) school days for each day of absence to complete missed assignments. Special arrangements will be made for absences longer than five (5) days.
  • Teachers may handle late homework (other than due to illness or family issues) on an individual basis.
  • Parents are responsible for checking student’s Laptops, outlook calendar and class notebooks. In case of extended illness (3 consecutive days or more) assignments may be requested through the counseling office. Please allow one day (24 hours from time of request) for materials to be prepared for you. Requested work should be picked up by parent or guardian, completed and handed in to the teacher when student returns to school.

FHMS General School Policies


There are four types of assemblies: spirit, entertainment, awards, and information. Each student is responsible for appropriate behavior to fit the occasion, and plays an important role in making our assemblies an enjoyable experience for everyone. Students may be removed if their behavior is inappropriate, and may not be allowed to attend the next assembly.


For safety purposes students are required to keep their backpack, cinch pack, any large bag, or a purse in their locker throughout the school day. If a bag is needed for any medical reasons we will work with the student based on their circumstance and must be pre-arranged.


Students riding bikes to school must wear helmets and upon reaching the school campus must walk their bicycles to the bike rack. They should also have a lock and chain to secure bikes to the bike racks. Bikes, scooters and skateboards are not to be ridden through the campus or school building at any time. Finn Hill is not responsible for damage or theft of any of these items.

Cell Phones: If you bring a cell phone for before or after school use, it must be kept in lockers and turned off throughout the school day. Under no circumstances should cell phones be in the classroom or in student possession during school hours. If a student is in possession of a cell phone during school hours, the phone will be confiscated and consequences will be assigned. Consequences are as follows:

  • 1st Offense – Lunch detention and phone returned after school
  • 2nd Offense – An after-school detention and the parent/guardian must pick up the phone from campus
  • 3rd Offense – Extended Detention; parent/guardian must pick up phone and no phone allowed on campus at all.
  • Offenses after the 3rd Offense – The consequences will be up to an administrator’s discretion.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT YOUR STUDENT BY CELL PHONE during the school day! You may call the office and we will be happy to deliver a message. Students may also use the student phone in the office to contact home as needed. If a student uses their cell phone to contact a parent during the day for any reason it will be considered an offense with consequences. Finn Hill Middle School will not be held responsible for damage to, or loss of, such items brought to school that are unnecessary to the learning process.

Classroom Visits by Parents/Guardians

Classroom visits require permission of school administration and the teacher. Finn Hill Middle School requires 24-hour notice that parents would like to visit a classroom; however, Finn Hill Middle School reserves the right to find a more appropriate time that is less distracting to the educational process and student learning. When visiting, parents/guardians must sign in at the front office.

Closed Campus

Once students arrive they may not leave school grounds without permission. This includes in the morning and during lunch. Leaving school grounds after arrival requires prior permission.

Clubs and Activities

Finn Hill’s clubs and activities typically start in October. The following clubs and activities may be a part of our extra-curricular program: Chess Club, Drama Club, FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America), Math Olympiad, National Junior Honor Society, Radical Reading Club, Science Club, Spirit Club, TSA (Technology Student Association), WEB Leaders, and Yearbook staff. Membership to these activities or clubs will require participants to purchase an ASB membership. Students will also be required to maintain their grades with no “F’s”.

Dances and After School Activities

To create a safe, controlled environment for school activities:

  • After School Activity contract, must be signed and turned into the office to be eligible to attend.
  • A Finn Hill Middle School ID card is required for entry.
  • Only current Finn Hill/EAS students or students where Finn Hill is their home school with tickets, a signed After School Activity form and an ASB card will be admitted.
  • Students must attend school the day of the dance or activity.
  • Students may enter up to a half hour after the start of the dance but may not leave early unless a parent/guardian comes to the door to pick them up.
  • For safety please arrange a ride home no later than 15 minutes following the end of the dance.

Dress Code
The purpose of the school dress code is to help students avoid wearing inappropriate clothing during the school day or any other school related function.

  • Hats, hoods, sunglasses (inside or outside), sweat bands, bandanas or any other head coverings are not to be worn on the FHMS campus-this means indoors or outdoors. These items are to be kept in lockers during the day.
  • Pants, shirts, or blouses exposing undergarments or midriffs are not acceptable.
  • Pajama’s pants and tops can be worn to school.
  • All undergarments must be covered always – top or bottom.
  • No shear or see through clothing of any kind – top or bottom.
  • Length of dresses, skirts and shorts must be mid-thigh.
  • Footwear must always be worn and must be safe for any activity the student participates in.
  • Clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco, racism or sexism, profanity, offensive logos, sexual connotations, weapons or gang-related material is not permitted. Based on these guidelines, staff will use their discretion to decide on the appropriateness of student dress.Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to change into something appropriate at school or may call to have someone bring a change of clothing. If a student continues to wear inappropriate clothing to school, further consequences may be applied.

Early Dismissal
Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at any time during the school day. Students leaving school because of illness or any other reason must first check out in the student office where their parents/guardians must come in and sign them out of school. If the student will return to school, the student needs to check in the student office. When you know, your student will be leaving school early please call or send a note with your students to the main office and we can have your student waiting for you in the main office. Please be aware that we need at least 30 minutes to call your student out from class due to where your student might be located at the time for example PE, band, etc. You may have to wait additional time if you do not give us advanced notice.

Fines and Fees

  • ASB Membership-ASB (Associated Student Body) membership cost $25.00. Replacement cost for ID/ASB cards is $5.00. You must be an ASB member if wish to participate in sports, clubs, or run for a ASB office.
  • Books-If books are damaged in any way; fines will be levied against the student to whom the book is assigned. Lost books will be paid for by the student before another book can be assigned.
  • PE Baskets and Locks-Each student is provided a lock and basket to secure personal items. There is a $15.00 fine for school issued lost locks. Personal locks only can be used for after school sports to secure athlete’s personal items.
  • Electives-Many elective classes assess a class or materials usage fee for personal projects and class equipment. Any fees that are not paid by the end of the 1st month of class can result in a lunch detention and then a fine. Students can also be kept from doing the class projects that require fees. Fines are given for equipment that is broken or damaged due to neglect. NOTE: Students who cannot afford class fees should contact the Student Office for financial assistance.

Finn Hill Falcon Spirit Awards

All staff and students at FHMS look for opportunities to recognize students exhibiting positive qualities that enhance everyone’s experience at FHMS.Examples of these qualities are but not limited to, empathy or kindness, being respectful and responsible. Students who receive a Finn Hill Falcon Spirit Award will be personally recognized and thanked by staff, given a small token of our appreciation for their actions and their picture put on our Falcon Spirit Award wall outside the library. Staff may also be awarded the Falcon Spirit Award. Both students and staff can be recognized multiple times in a year.

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of student expression is part of the instructional process. However, this freedom is subject to reasonable regulation and may not be used to disrupt the educational program or interfere with the rights of others. If you have questions talk to the principal or a trusted adult. Students who abuse this privilege are subject to disciplinary action.

Hall Passes

If a student must leave class during the period to their locker, the library, or the office, a hall pass must be issued and signed by a teacher. Students without a hall pass will be asked to return to class.


Books may be checked out for 3 weeks. Overdue notices are sent to the student via their school e-mail. Students with books that are overdue by 2 or more weeks may receive a lunch detention. However, if library books are lost or damaged they must be paid for or found and returned by the end of the school year. Questions regarding fines should be made to the library secretary or librarian. Lockers

Each student will be assigned their own locker which is not to be shared with other students. Lockers should be kept clean on the inside as well as the outside. Do not place stickers or items with adhesive backs on or in your locker. Locker concerns/repairs will be addressed when a completed locker repair form is turned in to an office staff person. Locker repair forms are in the student office. Do not share your locker combination with anyone. If you do so you are at risk for having items taken out of your locker and you will be held responsible. If you leave valuables in your locker you do so at your own risk. Any concerns about the safety of locker contents should be discussed with the office.

Lost and Found

There are two (2) locations for lost and found items, the office and PE locker rooms.Students are reminded to check the "Lost and Found" when an article is missing. All unclaimed items will be donated to a charity at the end of each semester. Finn Hill Middle School is not responsible for the loss of personal items brought to school.

Lunch Program

Lunches may be purchased in the cafeteria, $3.25* for students and $4.00* for adults. Breakfast is also provided in the cafeteria starting at 7:45 and the prices are $1.75 for students and $2.50 for adults. A standard lunch, sandwich bar, and a la carte lunches are available. Students may use cash or funds that have been deposited into student accounts. The best time to deposit money into a student lunch account is before school in the cafeteria only from 7:45-8:10 or on-line at the LWSD website. All students will be issued an ID card at the beginning of the year.If the student loses or damages this card there will be a $5.00 charge for a replacement. *prices may change Federal free or reduced meals are available for those in need of assistance. Forms are in the student office. The standard lunch and the sandwich bar are part of the free or reduced meal. The ala carte bar (Snack Shack) is NOT part of the free or reduced program. Students MUST have their ID/ASB card with them to access their lunch account unless they are paying cash. If a student does not have their ID/ASB card, they must wait at the end of the lunch line. Students need to remain in the lunchroom or outside in the courtyard or library during lunchtime. The hallways are closed. Students found in the halls during lunch will be subject to detention.

Every student at FHMS will receive a laptop to take to class and home at the beginning of the school year. Students and parents/guardians will be informed of and must sign an Acceptable Use Policy prior to receiving the computer. Students are responsible for keeping their laptop in good condition (and must report any problems to their teacher or the librarian as quickly as possible) and will be expected to return the laptop at the end of the school year. Students can place removable identifiers (e.g. cling stickers) on their laptop if they can be removed and there is no damage to the laptop. Students are expected to have their laptop at school each day fully charged and ready for class. Students are expected to bring their laptop to class and if they do not have their laptop or their laptop is not charged may receive a lunch detention for not being prepared for class. Students should not eat or drink near their laptop, they should carry their laptop to class, and they should not place undue pressure on their laptop (such as stuffing it into an overcrowded backpack!). Students who leave their laptop unattended will have their laptop confiscated and be assigned an Lunch Detention. Additional information regarding the laptop (including replacement cost, insurance, etc…) is available on the Finn Hill Website.

Finn Hill Laptop Rules at a Glance

  • Students may not download anything to their laptop without permission, including but not limited to, games or other programs.
  • Students may not run programs or games on their laptops anytime at school.
  • Students may not use proxy servers or anything that would help me get around district filters.
  • Students understand that they will receive an automatic Lunch Detention if they leave their laptop unattended. (Do not leave it in the care of a friend or teacher! If it is unattended, YOU (the student) will receive the detention.)
  • Students should not bring their power cord to school.
  • If you are having issues with charging your laptop or any battery life issues, please see the librarian
  • Students will receive a Lunch Detention if they fail to charge their laptop every night.
  • Students understand that it is best to shut their laptop down every day at school (not at home), using the start menu. This allows the laptop to pick up district updates and to run properly.
  • Students understand they must save all documents to OneDrive or a USB Drive, not to their desktop or documents folder. If their laptop malfunctions, they will not receive a warning if everything needs to be deleted from the laptop.
  • Students understand that they may not place permanent stickers or duct tape on their laptop. They cannot write on it or they will be responsible for paying damages for glue residue or writing.

Personal Items

Finn Hill Middle School strongly advises that students bring to school only those items which are necessary and essential for learning.If you use cell phones, over the ear head phones, gaming devices, IPod/MP3 player/Radio on the way to or from school or bring an e-reader to school, you must leave these items in your locker throughout the entire school day. It is at your teacher’s discretion to let you use ear buds and headphones in class but are not to be used during lunch or in the school hallways. If these items are not in lockers during the school day, they are subject to confiscation and will be returned at the discretion of the administrator. Roller blades, long boards, skateboards, scooters, hoover boards and shoes with wheels are not allowed to be used on the Finn Hill campus. Those used for transportation need to be checked in and kept at the office.

Finn Hill Middle School will not be held responsible for damage to, or loss of, such items brought to school that are unnecessary to the learning process.


Students must use the academic planner they are given by the school or one they have purchased that has a calendar. They must have the planner with them throughout the school day. Students who do not have their planner with them in class (or available during Falcon Time/College Prep) are subject to a Lunch Detention.

Recycling and Litter Control

The custodians at Finn Hill work hard to keep your school clean. It is important that we all make every effort to dispose of trash or recyclable items in the proper containers placed around the campus. If you do not dispose of your trash or recyclable items properly you may be given consequences.

Removal of Privileges

Student activities and other school-related events are a privilege. Failure to comply with school and district rules and policies may result in a student being removed from or not permitted to attend any or all the functions. These functions include spirit assemblies, club meetings, dances, field trips, sports activities, etc.

School and District Events

If a middle school student attends a high school athletic event, they must be accompanied by an adult. Students must show picture identification for events. All school conduct regulations remain in effect at school and district events, and apply to students when they are visitors at other schools. Students will be accountable at their home school for violations that occur at other district schools or at school-sponsored events.

School Bus Passes

If a student wishes to ride a bus other than their assigned bus after school, they must bring a note from their parent/guardian permission to the office before school starts or at lunch. A bus pass will not be given after school.

Student Government (ASB)

The ASB is the governing body of Finn Hill Middle School.Its purpose is to support cultural, athletic, recreational and social activities at Finn Hill. Each year, a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, historian and two at-large positions are elected. This Executive Council, along with a representative from each homeroom, forms the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives provides information to students regarding upcoming events and approves ASB expenditures. ASB membership is required to be eligible to be a student council representative. The requirements to run for a student body officer position are: A.S.B. membership, 3.0 G.P.A., application form signed by student, parent/guardian, and Administrative approval. Membership in the Finn Hill Associated Student Body (ASB) is open to all enrolled students, and each student is encouraged to join. ASB membership is required for all those participating in interscholastic sports and clubs.


A phone for student use is in the student office. Calls from this phone are to be made to parents/guardians only for school related issues. If students are ill, please use the phone in the counseling office (health room) to call parents so office staff can give assistance, not the classroom phones. If the students want to use the phone for any other reason they should do it during their lunch break.


The staff at Finn Hill Middle School is responsible for the safety and welfare of students when they are at school. This is more easily accomplished when we have control over who is present on campus. Therefore, persons who are not Finn Hill students, pre-approved volunteers or district personnel are not allowed on campus during school hours without permission. Visitors to Finn Hill Middle School are required to report to the main office upon arrival. After check-in, visitors are issued a guest pass. Adult guests are permitted in the building only after checking-in. Student guests/visitors from other schools, organizations or communities are not permitted to attend lunches, classes, ride school buses, dances or other closed school functions.


This program is highly structured and organized. All those participating must meet eligibility requirements before the first turnout date. To ensure all students are cleared to play by the first practice of any given sport season, all paperwork required should be turned in to the student office as soon as possible. Students not cleared by the first practice will not be able to participate at practices and games.

Eligibility requirements are:

  • ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION CLEARANCE CARD (available in the student office and on Finn Hill’s website) filled out by a parent/guardian with a physician signature certifying the student to be fully capable of participating in interscholastic sports. An initial physical exam is required and is valid for two (2) years from date of original exam. There is also a parent signature and student signature that must be done at the bottom of the form.
  • INSURANCE proof that a student is adequately covered by accident insurance, at least to the limits specified by the W.I.A.A. Accident insurance may be purchased through the school. Forms are available in the student office.
  • Lake Washington Athletic Policy read by both student and parent and initialed on ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION CLEARANCE CARD.
  • Lystad Law (concussion information) read by both parent and student and initialed on the ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION CLEARANCE CARD.
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form read and signed by both parent and student.
  • Purchase of a Finn Hill Middle School A.S.B. card, cost $25.00. The sports fee must be paid prior to each season. The cost is $75.00 with a maximum of $150.00 per student, per year and a cap of $225.00 per family with siblings playing at the same school.

NOTE:if you are unable to afford the fee you can contact Sandra Stephens in the main office for information on getting a scholarship.

  • Students must not be failing any classes and have at least a 2.0 G.P.A. Students will be placed on academic probation if grades fall below stated guidelines and may not be able to participate unless grades improve.
  • Student must have all forms completed and turned in to Mrs. Stephens in the student office the week before the 1st practice to participate.

The interscholastic sports program consists of regularly scheduled practices lasting approximately two hours from the time school is dismissed.

2017-2018 Sports Schedule




September 11– October 27








October 30 – December 15

BASKETBALL (6th – 8th)

BASKETBALL (7th & 8th)




February 5 – March 30






April 9 – June 1






Intramurals will have one session where FHMS play against their own students and take place in our gym as follows:

January 8 – February 2



The current cost for this session is $25.00 per student. Financial assistance is available for those families who qualify.

Athletic Discipline Policy

Every Monday during the season we will review grades and eligibility. If a student is failing a class, they have one week to bring the grade up or show significant effort to do so. After the one week if the student/athlete has not raised their grades, he/she will be suspended from the team for a week, which means no participation in practices or games. If after two weeks, the student’s grade is not at passing he/she will be dismissed from the team and will return their uniform and/or equipment to the student office. When a student/athlete misses’ practices due to behavior (processing, lunch detention, or after school detention) their playing time may be affected as well due to the coach’s or athletic director’s discretion. If a student is suspended during the season they will be permanently suspended from the team.


PTSA stands for Parent Teacher Student Association. PTSA is a volunteer organization intended to support the students, teachers, and faculty of a school and to enrich the student body experiences.

At the school’s curriculum night, the PTSA holds a “Pass the Hat” fundraiser to help raise funds for our PTSA. Finn Hill PTSA helps support special events and or needs of the school. We support things like field day, pancakes for scholars, falcon spirit awards, State testing snacks, campus pride, reflections, staff appreciation, principal incidentals, library support, scholarships, emergency preparation, falcon care, grants to school and or the staff. Finn Hill PTSA also provides and organizes many hours of volunteer support to help with the needs of the school.

PTSA has many ways that you can support our school besides our “Pass the Hat” by signing up for any of these easy money makers for Finn Hill Middle School PTSA.

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Finn Hill Middle School Behavior Expectations

We believe that student development occurs best within an atmosphere of mutual respect, and therefore any

behavior that undermines this respect cannot be allowed. Teachers, administrators, and staff will not tolerate

any behavior that materially interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of school, school-sponsored

activities or any other aspect of the educational process. School jurisdiction and authority include student conduct

to and from school, at school, at bus stops, on busses, and at any school sponsored activity. Also, included in the

school’s jurisdiction is any off-campus student speech or activity which school authorities have reason to believe

will interfere with the work of the school or impinge on the rights of other students or staff at school. Such acts,

including but not limited to those listed below, shall be subject to discipline, including possible suspension and/or

exclusion from school, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities.

The goals that we hope to achieve for our students are as follows:

  1. To develop respect for self and others.
  2. To provide a suitable learning environment.
  3. To maintain order and security.
  4. To teach responsible behavior.

Consequences for Rules Violation

A progressive discipline approach attempts to relate the imposed disciplinary action or intervention to the severity of the offense and the number of times that offense or accumulated offenses has occurred. Students who violate a rule the first time face disciplinary action related to the violation. Second violations will result in a more severe disciplinary consequence. Repeated violations may result in severe disciplinary action, including suspension. At each intervention step, the intent is to assist the student in identifying the problem, understanding what new behavior is necessary, and encouraging the student to accept accountability for their actions.

  • Processing/Timeout: Students with minor classroom disruptions will be given the chance to reflect on their actions and return to class within minutes to prove they can change their behavior. Students will be given a processing (timeout) if they continuously talk in class, distract other, or disrupt the learning environment. Students who are given a processing (timeout) will be quietly asked to go to a neighboring classroom to privately complete a reflection form and then return when it is complete. Parents are not typically notified that their student was processed. However, accumulated processing or excessive processing during a short amount of time may result in parent contact and a Lunch Detention.

Lunch Detention: Students can be assigned lunch detention for offenses such as (but not limited to):

  • personal item in class (i.e. IPod, IPad, etc.)
  • cell phone
  • disruptive in the hall
  • tardy to class
  • unprepared for class
  • leaving a mess at lunch
  • failed processing
  • second processing in each class
  • forgot planner
  • lost/unattended laptop
  • Unlocked basket and non-suit in PE
  • No homework (missing)

Students with a lunch detention will be escorted by a staff member to the lunch detention room. The students that purchase lunch will get a hot lunch delivered to the room. Those who bring lunch from home will bring it to lunch detention. Student will remain seated and quiet the entire 30 minutes of lunch and reflect upon their behavior. Students who are disruptive in lunch detention will be assigned an automatic after school detention. After five Lunch Detentions, a student will progress to the next level of discipline which is an After-School Detention.

  • After School Detention: After School Detention will be assigned for (but not limited to):
  • accumulated offenses
  • continual behavior concerns
  • nuisance items brought to school (including but not limited to hats, earbuds, phones, hoods, headphones, toys, speakers, cap/water pistols, laser pointers, noise makers, lighters/matches, etc.)
  • frequent tardies to class
  • not attending college prep session
  • failed Lunch Detentions
  • processing/time out by a substitute teacher (including Finn Hill staff subbing for teachers in our own building) Long Term substitute teachers here for a month or longer will not be considered a substitute when doing processing. To assure that students, attend after school detention, they will be escorted from their 6th period class to the detention room. During detention, students may be directed to provide community service. Parents/Guardians will be notified prior to their student serving an After-School Detention. When a student receives five After School Detentions they will progress to the next level of discipline which is an Extended Detention.

  • Extended Detention: Extended Detention will be assigned for (but not limited to):
    • progress through discipline procedures
    • other activities at the discretion of administrator. To assure that students, attend Extended Detention, they will be escorted from their 6th period class to the detention room. During detention, students will be directed to provide community service on the school grounds. Parents/Guardians will be notified prior to their student serving an Extended Detention. If the student accrues more than 3 Extended Detentions, the next step would be a parent/guardian conference.

Emotional and Physical Safety

Every Student’s security, safety, and comfort are most important to all of us. Finn Hill Middle School staff is committed to maintaining confidentiality. If students encounter difficulties such as assaults, harassment, theft, or any behaviors that create discomfort for them, students should see a teacher, a counselor or an administrator as soon as possible. Please see page D-4 Incident Reporting and Investigative Process of the LWSD Middle School Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook for more information. There is also information available on the district website. BULLYING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. There are four rules that all members of our community will abide by:

Rule1: We will not bully others.

Rule 2: We will try to help students who are bullied.

Rule 3: We will try to include students who are left out.

Rule 4:If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.


Finn Hill Middle School follows the discipline consequences as established by the Lake Washington School District. Violations and consequences that sometimes appear at the middle school level are listed below. For a more comprehensive list of misconduct and discipline refer to the LWSD. The specific violations to our policies are listed below. The complete list of LWSD’s Misconduct and Discipline can be found on pages D-1 through D-17 of this handbook and are used by our administrators when investigating violations not on the list below.

The following instances of misconduct and their consequences are specific to Finn Hill Middle School. If available, the default consequence will be defined by the Lake Washington School District Policy (indicated by a hyperlink LWSD Policy).


Affection Lunch or After School

Inappropriate touching and/or actions which distract from the school learning environment including, but not limited to: kissing, prolonged hugging and sitting on laps.

Lunch or After School Detention depending on the incident

Assembly Disruption Loss of privileges,

Inappropriate behavior during school assemblies.

Lunch or After School Detention depending on the incident


Attending 3 or fewer classes is not a full day

No after school activities – sports, dances, movie night

Cell Phones

Cell phones are not to be in the classroom or in the student’s possession during school hours. If the cell phone is used for any reason to contact a parent or the student receives a call/text from the parent during the day (see page 8) this will be considered an offense with consequences.

1st Offense – LD (Lunch Detention)

2nd Offense – ASD (after school detention)

3rd Offense – ED (3 hours In House School Suspension).

No cell phone on campus and the parent must come to school to pick up the phone.

After 3rd Offense – Administrator’s Discretion

Dress Code

Clothing change, Lunch

Any inappropriate clothing worn during school hours or

School sponsored activities on or off campus (see

Page 9)

LWSD Policy (see page A-7)

Clothing change, Lunch or After School Detention, depending on the incident


Lunch detention or other consequence determined by

teacher or administrator depending on the incident

Inappropriate Language

Swearing and inappropriate gestures

Lunch or After School Detention, Extended Detention, depending on the incident

Nuisance Items

Any item that is disruptive to the school atmosphere which has no bearing on your education is not allowed including, but not limited to: laser pointers, cap/water guns, noise makers, lighters/matches, fidgets, etc.

For Transportation:skateboards, roller blades/roller shoes, scooters, hoover boards (see page 13 under Personal Items)

Confiscation and Lunch or After School Detention, Extended Detention, or Suspension, depending on the Incident


The act of using another person's words or ideas without giving credit to that person

Repeating the assignment, After School Detention or Extended Detention depending on the incident


This can be replacing or repairing damaged or stolen property

Can be accomplished monetarily or with the student working it off and can be either After School Detention or an Extended Detention depending on the incident

Roughhousing/Play Fighting

Students engaged in play fighting, wrestling, or any other behavior that is unsafe.

Lunch, After School Detention, Extended Detention or Suspension, depending on the incident

Substitute Teacher Policy

Automatic After School Detention

Students that have been disrespectful and are not following school/classroom rules when they have a substitute teacher

Automatic After School Detention


Student not in their seat and prepared for class at

the scheduled start of class (8:15 bell)

Lunch or After School Detention and accumulated

offenses will receive Extended Detention, depending on the incident