Starting School

New 6th Grade Parent Information Night - August 26, 2019 (6:30pm start)


Join us for a very informative evening! You will hear from our Principal, Athletic Director, PTSA, and a student panel where you will be able to get your most pressing questions answered. This night is a great opportunity to meet other incoming families, learn more about FHMS, and ask questions. We look forward to seeing you here!

Finn Hill Prep Days for 2019-20

Prep Days are on Wednesday and Thursday, August 28-29, in the Commons (cafeteria). In order to reduce waiting time, we would like to have students come according to their grade level. If you cannot attend based on grade level day listed, you may come on the alternate day.

Prep Day Times 

  • Wednesday, August 28th (6th graders) – 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM (closed for lunch from 11:15-12:30). 
  •  Thursday, August 29th (7th & 8th graders) – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (closed for lunch from 12:45-2:00). 

If you cannot attend based on grade level day listed, you may come on the alternate day.

The main purpose of the Prep Day is to take care of all your back-to-school business at one time and place.  If you are unable to attend either Prep Day, you will be able to take care of the back-to-school business on your student’s 1st day of school.  Pictures will be done again on Wednesday, September 4th.

Prep Day Business

The following list contains what you can take care of on Prep Day. Some items include a fee or option to purchase. Only cash or checks can be used for payments at the school. Please make checks payable to FHMS using black or blue ink. Some fees, as indicated below, can be paid with credit card or debit card online starting August 26, 2019.  (On-line instructions are at the bottom of this flyer)

  • School Picture taken by Dorian Photography (checks payable to Dorian, more information below).
  • ASB Membership (optional) – $25.00 (also available to pay online) - The ASB fee allows your student to become a financially supporting member of the student body association (ASB). Students are required to be a financially supporting member of ASB if they participate in sports and/or clubs (including Band, Orchestra, and Choir). NOTE:  student activities and/or sports are required to be a member of the ASB. ASB members receive a host of benefits including athletics, clubs, discounts for dances and discount on yearbook purchase.  
  • Purchase Yearbook (optional)
    • $30.00 with ASB membership (Available to pay online)
    • $35.00 without ASB membership (Available to pay online)
  • PE T-Shirts – $7.00 (available to pay online) – Required for all students participating in PE.
  • Receive your Student ID Card – All students receive one ID card free, but replacement cards are $5.00 each.
  • Office Forms/Information – Update emergency card information, turn-in immunization records/information, Nurse Alert card, Directory Withholding forms and any additional forms.
  • Student Medication – Turn in any medication with required forms.
  • Laptop – Watch laptop video, read and sign User Agreement form, then pick up laptop from library.
  • PTSA – Sign up for PTSA and read about PTSA opportunities to support students and staff. 
  • Locker Assignment – Receive locker number and combo.  Practice opening with family support. 
  • School Planner – Receive school planner with schedules and school/district information. First planner is free, but replacement planner fee $5.00.
  • Class Schedule – Receive your schedule.

Classrooms and area pods are not available to visit during Prep Days.

Other Information

Student Pictures – If you want to purchase pictures during Prep Day, please complete order form and bring cash or check payable to Dorian. If you want to do an on-line payment you must bring a receipt in the Dorian envelope provided in this mailer to turn into the photographer before pictures are made.

 Lunch Accounts – You will be able to put money on your student’s lunch account, which is handled separately from FHMS. Please bring cash or checks payable to Sodexo/LWSD. Lunch account balances from LWSD schools were carried over to FHMS from previous LWSD school.

ONLY cash and checks, made payable to FHMS are accepted at school; however, you can pay for ASB membership, yearbook and PE t-shirt online starting August 26, 2019, as listed below. 

Online Credit Card Payment 

  1. Go to LWSD home page

  2. Click on the Students & Families tab at the top left of page. 

  3. Click For Student and Families from the drop down

  4. For on-line payments click the blue box and follow directions

  5. For sports click the gray box labeled FinalForms and follow directions

  6. On-line paymentw will be available starting Monday, August 26, 2019

  7. Print payment receipt and bring to school for teacher or Sandra Stephens.

Notes to Remember

Bus information will be sent via postcard to student families that qualify for bus transportation by our Transportation department in late August.  

Life Threatening Health Condition Notification Information

If your child has a life-threatening health condition, the following requirements must be met before your child can attend school. You must supply the required emergency medication, health care provider orders, an individual health plan, and any necessary supplies on or before the first day of school. Until these requirements are met, your child will not be able to attend school. If you have any questions, please call Health Services support personnel at our Special Services Office (425) 936-1201.